Chatting to a customer yesterday about how much we love our kitchens it occurred to me that not once did we mention super-duper appliances or the latest in gadgets. The enhanced status of cooking has made the kitchen a prestige object but it’s  not always about elaborate meals or new ingredients, sometimes it’s just the little things.

Perhaps surprisingly they can be the oddest collection of things or associations that make our kitchens our ‘happy’ places.

Happy things for me include the Woman Cookery Book by Ruth Morgan given to me by my Grandmother many years ago. It’s from around 1950 with some colour pictures but to be honest they are garish at best and some are downright scary(!) but I wouldn’t be without it.

Have you got a favourite knife?

Mine is a little paring knife that somehow lost the tip but I love it and woe-be-tide ANYONE who doesn’t put it back in the right place.

There’s also the cut-glass Sherry glass that we have only one of and is used just on Christmas morning when the Turkey isn’t a disaster, afterall who doesn’t listen to Delia?

The cupboard door that hits the step when it opens so by magic I know when someone is in the ‘goodie’ cupboard hunting for something nice. Oh and the stone step, I could go on……

This one room is a work-in-progress, constantly being messed-up and cleaned up in a splendid cycle of family get-togethers, snacks and early morning cuppas.

It’s a place where special moments are created, memories made and secrets told.

Stories and highlights from everybody’s day are shared in the kitchen, plans are made and discarded, homework is done!

This one room produces more love and warmth than any other!

What makes your kitchen special? I’d love to know x

People who love to eat are always the best people – Julia Child