The average kitchen remodel/upgrade can run into costing  1.000’s & high end ones can be as much as a house! But you don’t NEED to spend a whole lot of money to update a tired kitchen. If you’ve lived in your house for yonks & are FED UP with it,  you’ve just moved in & it just isn’t ‘you’,  you’re preparing to sell OR renting & want to make it ‘home’…….. HERE are 10 smart ways to give it a refresh & make it look brand NEW without breaking the bank :

  1. Update The Backsplash – In an outdated kitchen a dingy backsplash (the wall behind your sink/oven) can be depressing – to modernize a tiled backsplash without replacing it consider re-grouting to spruce it up – dig out the old grout & replace with new.  Or once properly prepared (thoroughly cleaned & sanded)  several coats of  tile paint works wonders if you don’t like the colour or are trying to cover dated borders or patterns. Ask at your paint shop & get your tile specific paint tinted to complement your kitchen cuboards. DIY Tile stickers are another option & are readily available online, literally zillions of designs to choose from!  Toughened Glass backsplash’s are beautiful to look at, easy to clean & maintain plus minimal fuss to install – this can be done over your existing tiles or substrate so is relatively quick!

    Antique Mirrored Backsplash installed over old tiles

  3. Replace Handles & Knobs – these are the ‘jewels’ of your kitchen & can be the subtle refresh without spending big money! Whether you buy online or from your DIY store be sure to measure the distance between your handle holes to make sure they’ll fit! Often a run through your dishwasher will make your existing handles look sparkly new.

    Replace the handles & instantly upgrade your kitchen

  4.  Clean, clean, clean! –  As a professional #kitchentransformer it constantly amazes me the difference deep cleaning can make! Even the oldest, most worn-out cupboards can look brighter with a really good swab down & de-gunge! A dampened microfibre cloth with a little dish detergent is the kindest way to care for your painted kitchen.  A vinegar scrub or a bicarbonate of soda paste will brighten up tiled floor grouting or here in Spain having your marble floors re-polished makes a massive difference. Wooden floors can be refinished & there are laminate flooring options to suit all budgets.

    Clean & your kitchen looks brand new

  6. Replace The Kitchen Tap – your kitchen tap may leak or you simply want to replace it as an update. The good news is that you DON’T need to be an expert to replace it! DO check that the new tap will fit the ‘mounting’ (existing) holes on your sink unit. I find this is a two-handed job for the amateurs amongst us! One to be underneath the sink base & one above holding the new tap in place! But then that might just be me :0) It does look uber smart if your new tap matches your new handles!

    Renewing your kitchen tap

  8.  De-clutter! – as the heart of your home it’s no surprise that the kitchen is the collection spot for anything & everything!! At any one time there can be a paint gun, hammer, bike pump, bike (!) or random piece of discarded furniture languishing in our kitchen!  Tidying up your work surfaces INSTANTLY makes your kitchen space look bigger & more modern! Keep your personal touches to a minimum on work tops, put things away if you can. A clean & uncluttered kitchen makes cooking a dream & looks like new, promise!

    Nothing says ‘NEW’ or Designer like clear work tops! DE-CLUTTER

  10. Add Textiles – incorporating fabrics into your kitchen CHANGES the look in minutes! Textiles soften hard surfaces & add depth. Laying a ‘runner’ extends the space & helps prevent slippery floors. Accent BOLDS/stripes/patterns in cloths & tea towels are easy to swap about & add a pop of colour.  Blinds diffuse light & provide privacy. Get CREATIVE!

    Add a runner to extend the space

  12.  Fresh Paint – lighter, brighter colours help to make your kitchen space look bigger. Neutrals look elegant & expensive, darker colours look lavish & extravagant. If your kitchen cabinets are wooden, MDF, vinyl wrapped or laminate & in good working order a professional paint job WILL make your kitchen look brand new! A beautifully painted kitchen will make it look straight out of the showroom. Get #thebespokeapproach & hire a Kitchen painting specialist to do the job 

    Make your kitchen lighter brighter you’ll feel it too!

    Painted in a neutral your kitchen remains classic & timeless

    Painted in darker/bold colours adds  more than a hint of drama & ‘wow’ factor


    From Drab to FAB!! What a  bespoke approach to painting your kitchen can achieve

  15. Lighting – NOTHING says NEW like bright kitchen lighting! Up-date existing lights with more modern, lower energy units, add LED under-cabinet lights to put the spotlight on your food prep or add Pendant lighting over eating areas, Breakfast bars & Island units. Bring in an electrician if you’re changing places, don’t mess with wiring if you’re unsure!

    New lighting brightens, adds atmosphere & is welcoming

    Pendant lights, spotlights in glass cupboards & under cabinet LED’s are small changes with a BIG impact

  17. Upgrade Appliances – mis-matched appliances can date a kitchen & traditional white appliances can fade & discolour over time –  modern stainless steel has a timeless appeal & retro pieces make awesome  statements. Before buying, make sure your new appliances fit your available space. Consider replacing one item at a time, spread the cost of your upgrade.

    When it comes to new kitchen appliances most of us want what’s shiny & new BUT ‘bling’ is taking a back seat to matt/flat finishes

  19. Replace The Work – Tops – next to changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets, replacing the work tops probably makes the BIGGEST impact in your quest for new. It’s OK to mix ‘n’ match worktops, different materials in different areas! OR have the same type of material in different colours, there are NO rules!  Bear in mind that some surfaces are more durable than others – wooden tops require some maintenance to stay in tip-top condition, marble surfaces are porous & care needs to be taken with kitchen spills & cleaning agents.  In short, seek professional advice or do your homework to make sure you get the right work surface for YOU.

    Preparation is key to successful work top installation. You might want to consider having a new sink fitted at the same time to save on installation costs

    Two different Granites look amazing in this kitchen & look how they’ve used the same material to form the backsplash! (Hand painted Clive Christian kitchen)

You’re in your kitchen EVERYDAY! Even if you don’t cook chances are that it’s the most VISITED room in your house, your very own SOCIAL HOTSPOT!  It’s almost certainly the most VALUABLE  room in your home so well worth looking after! Switch up a few small details & TRANSFORM your kitchen into something you’re happy & proud of WITHOUT leaving you penniless. Be SMART.

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